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Through First Clearing, an affilate of Wells Fargo & Company, the SmartStation technology platform is a powerful, integrated advisor workstation. Combining intelligent applications with an intuitive, tab-driven design, the SmartStation platform helps increase investment professionals’ productivity by simplifying and streamlining their daily activities. Its full range of resources includes:

  • Trading Tools
  • Research & Market Data
  • Client Management
  • Product Information
  • Operations, Compliance, Business Support
  • Prospecting Tools & Training Support

Envision is an innovative investment planning process which helps advisors identify and prioritize their clients’ financial and life goals. Combining goals-based guidance with a powerful statistical modeling technique, the Envision process creates an easy-to-understand plan that helps clients achieve their most important objectives.


Effective business growth requires superior support and innovative approaches to practice management, investment solutions, and recruiting. The following are a few of the advisor programs offered through First Clearing:

  ►   The Envision® Process

  ▼   The Envision® Process

A tool that allows advisors to help their clients in identifying and prioritizing financial and life goals and create an investment plan around them.

  ►   Growth Accelerator® Program

  ▼   Growth Accelerator® Program

Group coaching and consulting that provides advisors with industry-proven business development, practice management and client loyalty strategies.

  ►   Financial Advisors' Forum - (All Advisors)

  ▼   Financial Advisors' Forum - (All Advisors)

Helps advisors meet the changing needs of investors, build deeper connections that result in client loyalty, and identify paths to organic growth. This two day program delivers subject matter experts, industry leaders, analysts and consultants to address practice management techniques and critical issues underlying the changing nature of advice and the approaches needed to help clients succeed financially.

  ►   Life Event Services

  ▼   Life Event Services

Professional resources to help advisors assist clients moving into new phases of their lives, such as the birth of a child, job change, or retirement.

  ►   VIP Program

  ▼   VIP Program

Valued Investor Planning - Exclusively for clients and prospects with $5 million-plus net worth. You invite these investors to join you for a one-day visit to St. Louis. Features meetings with our top specialists as they present your client's custom financial plan.


“We at First Clearing are proud of the long relationship we share with BDFS,” says John Peluso, Jr., President of First Clearing.

“In fact, this is more like a partnership, because our values and strategic thinking dovetail beautifully. Both firms share a culture of service excellence. BDFS’ attention to relationships parallels the way First Clearing does business — that is, by building strong, lasting connections with client firms and their advisors. And BDFS’ growth strategy is a match with First Clearing’s focus on empowering advisors to grow so that they, in turn, can help their clients succeed financially.

“It’s equally gratifying to provide BDFS’ advisors with some of the industry’s best thought leadership and innovative approaches to business advancement,” he continued. “We can do this because of First Clearing’s affiliation with Wells Fargo Advisors, one of the nation’s largest brokerage firms, and our parent company Wells Fargo & Company, one of the world’s most admired financial services firms and valued brands. The resources that BDFS advisors enjoy are too many to list, but they include: investment, advisory and banking products; top money managers and research; advanced advisor workstation and workflow technologies; a client-friendly online site; risk-management and compliance support; organic growth services and new-advisor onboarding support. BDFS advisors also have exclusive access to First Clearing’s Growth Accelerator®, a professional-development and practice-consulting program designed to help take an advisor’s practice to the next level.

“This is a prime example of two firms that are truly aligned in terms of values, thinking and aims,” Peluso concluded, “and we truly value the work we’re doing together.”

  First Clearing, LLC and Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC are separate registered broker-dealers and non-bank affiliates of
  Wells Fargo & Company. CAR 0616-02750



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Broker Dealer Financial Services (BDFS), as an introducing firm, is solely responsible for supervisory principal review, approving, monitoring accounts, supervision and compliance with all security regulations.


First Clearing as the clearing corporation to BDFS, is responsible for holding and safekeeping of money, funds and securities.  

Please contact us to learn more at (844) 468-5800 or join us. We welcome you to continue exploring the benefits of being affiliated with Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp. and Investment Advisors Corp.

We are committed to providing our financial advisors with an exceptional partnership to ensure they have the support and resources needed to assist their clients in achieving their financial goals.

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