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Who We Are

Originally founded and registered with the SEC in 1979, Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp. has been serving independent financial professionals and their clients through the Midwest and the nation. With BDFSC you will find Midwest values and industry leading financial products, services and technology. We are a premier financial services company that brings value by providing flexible commission-based, fee-based and insurance platforms to independent, proprietary and bank/credit union financial advisors.

What makes us different? Our advisors and executive leadership team have amazing visionary leadership for the growth of our firm, our advisors and their clients. Our team takes pride in the ability to provide “concierge-level” service with our Advisor Relations support team.

Our Mission is that we are committed to providing our financial advisors with an exceptional partnership to ensure they have the support and resources needed to assist their clients in achieving their financial goals. To accomplish our mission, we rely on a strong foundation of honesty, integrity, trust, perseverance, service and a set of core beliefs and values including:

  • The client’s best interest always comes first.
  • We strive to make it easy for the financial advisor to do business with us.
  • We are partners. Ensure you have an important voice that will be heard.
  • We embrace growth and technology.
  • We have built a strong, sustainable, profitable organization to serve our financial advisors, their clients and our employees for many years to come.

To serve your clients’ best interest, you need product and platform options. How you achieve your clients’ goal should be up to your client through your expertise and guidance. Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp. offers an expansive array of investment products with no proprietary products and no quotas. You decide what is best for your client. Should you discover a new product of interest, let us know and we would be happy to review and consider adding it to our offerings.

  • Brokerage – BDFSC clears through First Clearing LLC, an affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company. First Clearing LLC was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in St. Louis. Their team of experienced professionals offers some of the industry’s best insights and innovative approaches to business advancement. Their affiliation with Wells Fargo Advisors, one of the nation’s largest brokerage firms, and their parent company, Wells Fargo & Company, one of the world’s most admired financial services firms and highly valued brands, means access to vast resources to help drive business growth and productivity. This unique and powerful combination provides both intimacy and scale that can be brought to bear across various business models.
  • Advisory – IAC supports our investment advisory representatives with the full spectrum of approaches, ranging from the use of third party managers and mutual fund programs to advisor developed strategies, Unified Managed Accounts, managed programs and financial planning. Our advisors also have the freedom to select from a number of custodian firms including TD Ameritrade, Fidelity Institutional and Charles Schwab.

    Additionally, IAC can assist the advisor who manages their own investment advisory firm but can benefit from the services of a broker-dealer as well. We are committed to partnering with these firms to provide a sensible, cost-effective approach to broker-dealer services and supervision. Our intent is to offer a broker-dealer alternative that supports your practice, preserves your freedom and satisfies our supervisory charge without requiring undue administration or costs.
  • Insurance – BDFSC partners with a selection of insurance organizations that specialize in serving the independent financial professional. These firms have demonstrated exemplary customer service, extensive professional knowledge and the ability to help you build your insurance practice.
    While our advisors are not currently obligated to use our partner firms, we are confident that they will prove themselves valuable. They offer a wide selection of top products and carriers and you can expect top compensation, and BDFSC production credit.
  • Alternative Investments – BDFSC understands the role that alternative investment can play in the sophisticated investor’s portfolio. Investing in real assets such as real estate, agriculture, land development and energy can offer a means to diversification that extends beyond stocks, bonds and cash for the right investor.
    BDFSC is open to the review and offering of select traded and non-traded REIT’s, BDC’s and private placements. BDFSC advisors may benefit from the activity in alternative investments in that they are able to differentiate themselves from their competition and offer their clients true value with unique investment opportunities that may not be available elsewhere.

We provide the support you need to develop and maintain a successful business.

  • Conversion and Transition assistance – BDFSC and IAC are members of Broker Protocol
  • Leading-Edge Technology
  • State-of-the-Art Trading Platform
  • Education and Sales Training
  • Extensive Product Selection
  • Experienced Compliance Support
  • BDFSC is licensed in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and District of Columbia
  • BDFSC is Insurance licensed in in 47 states and District of Columbia
  • IAC is licensed in 48 states and District of Columbia
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Back-Office Support
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager

Advocacy - Integrity - Accountability

Our executive team has amazing visionary leadership for the growth of our firm, our advisors and their clients. Our leadership team takes pride in their ability to provide concierge-level service with one of the best advisor relations support teams in the industry.


 Advisor Relations Team

Why BDFSC/IAC? We believe we have the financial muscle of a Wall Street firm, while maintaining an exceptional level of service to our advisors. Relationships matter and decision-makers are readily accessible and accountable for actions to resolve problems in a timely and efficient manner. We exist to serve your needs and those of your clients; our success depends on your success.

  • Value-added Partnership
  • Flexibility
  • Proven Experience
  • Knowledge & Expertise
  • Service-Driven Staff
  • Custom Solutions
  • Leading Edge Technology
  • Commitment to Compliance

Please contact us to learn more at (844) 468-5800 or join us. We welcome you to continue exploring the benefits of being affiliated with Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp. and Investment Advisors Corp.

We are committed to providing our financial advisors with an exceptional partnership to ensure they have the support and resources needed to assist their clients in achieving their financial goals.

Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp.
Investment Advisors Corp.

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Securities offered through Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp., Member SIPC. Advisory services offered through Investment Advisors Corp., an SEC registered investment advisor.

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