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Leadership from the President

Do you control your independence? When you became a financial advisor, what you dreamed about was to be your own boss, to run your business your way, to be in charge of your own success. What you didn't dream about was DOL Regulations, compliance, processing and paperwork! What you need is a strong stable partner who acts like your wingman. BDFSC/IAC provides technology, service & support that helps you as a financial advisors build stronger and more meaningful relationships with your clients. Focus on what you do best...servicing your clients and growing your business. At Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp. and Investment Advisors Corp., we have built our firm on a foundation of trust and integrity and are dedicated to providing the highest level of service, expertise and professionalism. Registered with the SEC in 1979, Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp. (BDFS) and Investment Advisors Corp. are a full service investment firm located in the heart of America. Our investment executives are located across the country. We offer a full range of investment and insurance products to fit the ever-changing needs of financial advisor and your clients. BDFS/IAC is owned by private investors and Employee Stock Ownership Program.

I started in the investment industry over 30 years ago first doing portfolio accounting for a Registered Investment Adviser, then serving as Compliance Officer and ultimately as a Relationship Manager for public fund and high net-worth clients. I remember the President of that firm telling me at age 21 that I had two problems, 1) I was young; 2) I was inexperienced. Looking back, what college and my first boss did not teach me was the value of relationships. The founding President and CEO of Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp., Mike Sherzan, epitomized the values of honesty, integrity, trust, respect, perseverance, and service. He reminded all of us to never burn a bridge, because one never knows when the seeds sown will reap benefits in the future.

At Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp., I saw opportunity. I saw a solid foundation and culture where every advisor, every client and every employee matters. Our philosophy has always been, “Our clients’ best interest always come first.” Our Mission is that we are committed to providing our financial advisors with an exceptional partnership to ensure they have the support and resources needed to assist their clients in achieving their financial goals. Our Leadership Team consists of a Board of Directors, Senior and Department Managers, which each bring their own unique talents and expertise with extraordinary vision. We take pride in providing concierge-level service through our Advisor Relations support team of dedicated Relationship Managers, our Transition and Training and our experienced Operations and Compliance professionals that serve as advocates for each advisor.

Our core competencies include:

We impact and add value to our advisors’ growth and transition with our 30+ years of experience and continual pursuit of knowledge.

Through our open architecture, we provide a full suite of non-proprietary investment solutions that meet the unique needs of our advisors.

Our commission payouts are competitive in the industry.

With our service-driven culture, we take pride in our ability to provide “concierge-level” service with one of the best advisor relations support teams in the industry.

We are responsible for the supervision and compliance with all securities regulations.

We provide the support, tools and resources necessary to empower advisor success.

We strive to provide the best possible service, technology, research, financial planning support, expertise and compliance protection and is the reason BDFS/IAC has one of the highest retention rates in the industry. Simply stated, we are committed to impacting every financial advisor's business by serving as a value added partner.

Our Culture
BDFS is an independent broker-dealer for financial professionals dedicated to offering unbiased investment advice to clients. We are fully devoted to our four core values: integrity, action, commitment, dedication, and solutions. We believe a firm's culture influences its reputation. We think you can take a hard look at a firm's stated mission and values and compare that to how the firm's management and staff engage with advisors and manage business activity. Since our beginning, our founder and all our firm's professionals have been committed to our set of core values that shape everything we do.

Our Stability
BDFS / IAC is financially sound and continues to maintain a strong commitment to providing resources and support that help our advisors serve the needs of their clients. We have spent the last few decades consciously building a structure to ensure continued success. The firm has three majority owners and is an ESOP company. In terms of due diligence, we have long mastered offering a broad product footprint with thorough due diligence based on our view that quality and choice are equally important.


Lisa Smith - President & CEO, Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp. & Investment Advisors Corp.

Lisa M. Smith, President and CEO

At Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp. and Investment Advisors Corp., we provide a Hybrid model with the best of both worlds: a RIA platform for asset management, financial planning, broker / dealer solutions, insurance and alternative investments. Our Hybrid model offers financial advisors a broad range of products and services that can strengthen and solidify client relationships.
Your business is important to us! Please contact us at (844) 468-5800 or to learn more.

Why Do I Need a Broker/Dealer

If I had a $100 bill for every time I have been asked this question over the last year, I would be a wealthy person. With the trend of financial advisors moving their business to fee-based and the concern about the DOL Fiduciary Rule limiting compensation on financial products and services, the question is coming up more than ever.

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Grow Your Business Your Way

Read about our multiple channels that make it easy to do business YOUR way. This matrix will provide you with a brief description, payouts, research, compliance and much more.

Please contact us to learn more at (844) 468-5800 or join us. We welcome you to continue exploring the benefits of being affiliated with Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp. and Investment Advisors Corp. through one of the following channels:

  • Independent & Small Ensemble Group Model
  • Investment Advisor Representative
  • Bank or Credit Union Representative
  • Independent Insurance Agent
  • Employee Representative

 Channel Comparison

DSM THEN & NOW - BDFS / IAC Committed to Partnering with Our Financial Advisors 

We are a full-service firm with the specialty resources and expertise that you need and the personalized service you deserve.

A few of the things that make us different are:

  • Client-focus
  • Service driven culture
  • Open architecture, flexibility and specialty solutions
  • Access to leadership team
  • Financial stability and strength
  • Wall Street muscle with the personal touch of a family-feel business partner

To learn more about our organizational structure and entities providing specialty services, please click below:

We are committed to providing our financial advisors with an exceptional partnership to ensure they have the support and resources needed to assist their clients in achieving their financial goals.

Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp.
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